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Air Spaced Zero Order Waveplate

Air spaced zero order waveplateAir spaced Zero Order waveplates are are constructed of two Quartz waveplates, air-spaced to allow for use with high power applications. The fast axis of one plate is aligned with the slow axis of the other, with an optical path length difference of λ/4 or λ/2. Compound zero-order waveplates provide wide tunability about the design wavelength. They also offer excellent temperature stability as temperature effects of the two components parts tend to cancel out.


- Higher Damage Threshold

- Center Wavelengths from 266 nm to 2020 nm

- Relatively insensitive to wavelength and temperature variation

- Retardations of λ/2 and λ/4

Air spaced Zero Order waveplates Specifications:



 Crystal Quartz, laser quality


 Air spaced


 λ/4 and λ/2

 Retardance Tolerance

 < λ/300

 Housing Tolerance


 Wavefront Distortion

 λ/8 @632.8nm


 < 1 arc second

 Surface Quality

 20-10 scratch-dig

 AR Coating

 R < 0.25%

 Damage Threshold

 10 J/cm2, 20 nsec, 20 Hz;

 1 MW/cm2 cw @1064 nm

Ordering Information:

     Description:   Air-spaced Zero Order WavePlate

      Part Number:  WPZA–Retardance–Wavelength–Aperture–Coating–Mount

      Retardance:  λ/2 or λ/4

      Wavelength:  213nm,248nm,257nm,266nm,308nm,355nm,405nm,488nm,515nm,532nm,546nm,



        Aperture:    Φ9.0mm, Φ11.5mm, Φ13.5mm, Φ18.0mm, Φ22.5mm or Others

        Coating:     AR coating or Uncoated

        Mount:      Φ25.4mm or Φ30.0mm