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Er: Glass

Erbium laser glassErbium and Ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass has a broad application because of the excellent properties. Mostly, it is the best glass material for 1.54um laser due to its eye-safe wavelength of 1540nm and high transmission through atmosphere. It’s also suitable for medical applications where the need for eye protection may be difficult to manage or diminish or hinder essential visual observation. Recently it is used in optical fiber communication instead of EDFA for its more super plus. There is a great progress in this field.


Bluebean Optical can provide erbium laser glass with various ion doping according to your requirement. We have four kinds of standard product: WM4EAT14, CrE5 and Cr14.

WM4 glass has better heat conductivity and is suitable for high power diode pumping laser system and light wave guide application.

EAT14 glass: Yb3+ and Er3+ co-doped phosphate glass, which is applicable in high repetition rate (1-6Hz) laser diode pumped 1535nm laser. High Yb3+ doping can be realized to this EAT14 glass.

CrE5 glass has high thermal shock resistance and excellent laser properties. It can be used for high average power pumping laser operating at 1540nm, especially for eye safe laser surgery.

Cr14 glass: Yb3+, Cr:3+ and Er3+  co-doped phosphate glass, which is ideal for xenon lamp pumping laser device and laser range-finder.











 Cross section for stimulated emission (10-20 cm2 )





 Fluorescent lifetime (ms)





 Center lasing wavelength (nm)










 n (1535nm)










 Abbe value





 dn/dT (10-6/ºC) (20~100ºC)





 Coeff. of linear thermal expansion (10-7/ºC)(20~100ºC)





 Thermal coeff. of optical path length (10-7/ºC)(20~100ºC)










 Transformation temp. (ºC)





 Softening temp. (ºC)





 Thermal conductivity (25ºC) (W/m. K)





 Coeff. of linear thermal expansion (10-7/ºC) (100~300ºC)










 Density (g/cm3)





 Chemical durability(weigh loss rate at 100ºC distilled water)  (μg/hr.cm2)





Standard Doping:


  0.13%:Er:Yb:Cr:Glass-  Er3+: 1.3x10^19/cm3, Yb3+: 2x10^21/cm3, Cr4+: 1.2x10^21/cm3


  0.13%:Er:Yb:Glass- Er3+: 1.3x10^19/cm3, Yb3+: 2x10^21/cm3

  0.26%:Er:Yb:Glass- Er3+: 2.6x10^19/cm3, Yb3+: 2x10^21/cm3

  0.5%:Er:Yb:Glass-  Er3+: 5x10^19/cm3, Yb3+: 2x10^21/cm3

  1%:Er:Yb:Glass-     Er3+: 10x10^19/cm3, Yb3+: 2x10^21/cm3