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Bluebean Optical is a vertically integrated manufacturer of Crystal Growth, Optical Fabrication and Coating. Most of our technical staff have more than ten years experience in new crystal material development, optical design and manufacturing. We specialize in prototype custom optical work to medium volume production. Our lean production system benefits us quick turnaround time, waste elimination and continuous improvement.


Our international customers represent a broad variety of companies and industries including Laser, Scientific, Electro-optics, Semiconductor, Medical, Industrial Metrology, Telecommunication, Aerospace and Defense industries. All of our customers are very satisfied of our competitive price, high product quality and friendly best services.


Our Featured Products


Yb: YAG Crystal High Power PBS Cube  LBO Crystal
Yb: YAG Crystal  High Power PBS Cube LBO Crystal
Glan-Laser Polarizer Nd: Glass Sapphire Dome
Glan-Laser Polarizer Nd: Glass rod Sapphire Dome
BBO Pockels Cell Achromatic Waveplate Ti: Sapphire
BBO Pockels Cell  Achromatic Waveplate Ti: Sapphire
Metalized Windows ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) High Power Fiber Collimator

Metalized Windows

ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) High Power Fiber Collimator