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BIBO CrystalBIBO(BiB3O6) is a newly developed nonlinear Optical Crystal. It possesses large effective nonlinear coeffcient,high damage threshold and inertness with respect to moisture.Its nonlinear coefficient is 3.5-4 times higher than that of LBO,1.5-2 times higher than that of BBO. It is a promising doubling crystal to produce blue laser.


Bluebean Optical offers BIBO:


- Strict quality control

- Crystal size up to 10x10x15mm

- High damage AR-coating

- Re-polishing and re-coating service

- Fast delivery


 BIBO Standard Product Specifications:



 λ/8@633 nm


 20 arc sec

 Surface quality

 10/5 Scratch/Dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)


 15 arc min

 Angle tolerance

 < ± 0.2°

 Aperture tolerance:

 ±0.1 mm

 Clear aperture

 >90% central area

 Transmitting wavefront distortion

 λ/8@633 nm

BIBO Physical Properties:


 Crystal Structure

 Monoclinic,Point group 2

 Lattice Parameter

 a=7.116Å, b=4.993Å, c=6.508Å, β=105.62°, Z=2

 Melting Point


 Mohs Hardness



 5.033 g/cm3

 Thermal Expansion coefficient

 αa=4.8x10-5/K, αb=4.4x10-6/K, αc=-2.69x10-5/K


BIBO Nolinear & Optical Properties:




 Absorption Coefficients

 <0.1%/cm at 1064nm

 Wavelength dispersion of 

 refractive indices
 (Sellmeier Equation,λ in um)




 Physical Axis

 X//b,(Z,a)=31.6°, (Y,c)=47.2°

 Effective nonlinearity

 d12=d14=2.3 pm/V, d25=d36=2.4 pm/V, d11=2.53 pm/V,

 d13=-1.3 pm/V, d35=-0.9 pm/V, d26=2.8 pm/V

 SHG of 1064/532

 Phase matching angle:168.9° from z axis in YZ plane
 Deff: 3.0+/-0.1 pm/V
 Angular acceptance: 2.32 arad/cm
 Walk-off angle: 25.6 mrad
 Temperature acceptance: 2.17°C/cm