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LiNbO3 Crystal

LiNbO3 CrystalLiNbO3(Lithium Niobate) is one of the most attractive materials for optoelectronics. A great variety of devices has been developed based upon this material having unique electro-optical, photoelastic, piezo-electric and non-linear properties combined with good mechanical and chemical stability and wide transparency range.


Bluebean Optical provides high quality, large LiNbO3 crystals for laser frequency doublers, OPOs and quasi-phase-matched doublers, waveguide substrates and SAW wafers.

LiNbO3 Crystal Properties and Applications   

LiNbO3 Standard Product Specifications:



 λ/8@633 nm

 Transmitting Wavefront Distortion

 λ/4@633 nm



 Dimension Tolerance


 Clear aperture

 >90% central area

 Surface Quality

 10-5 scratch and dig


 20 arc sec


 5 arc min

 AR coating

 R< 0.2% for narrowband 

 R< 0.6% for broadband

LiNbO3 Standard Products:



Standard Size

 Electro-Optic Q-Switch


 6mm x 6mm x 25 mm

 9mm x 9mm x 25 mm

 16mm x 16mm x 35 mm

 Nonlinear OPO and SHG

 from 2mm x 2mm x 5 mm

 to 15mm  x 15mm x 50 mm


 up to 25mm  x 25mm x 50 mm

 Optical Waveguide Substrate

 from 10mm  x 10mm  x 1 mm

 to 30mm x 60mm x 1 mm

* Custom LiNbO3 crystals and coating are available upon request.