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Cemented Zero Order Waveplate

Cemented zero order waveplateCemented Zero Order Waveplates are built by cementing two multi-order Quartz waveplates with an optical path length difference of λ/4 or λ/2. Compound zero-order waveplates provide wide tunability about the design wavelength. They also offer excellent temperature stability as temperature effects of the two components parts tend to cancel out.


- Center Wavelengths from 266 nm to 2020 nm

- Relatively insensitive to wavelength and temperature variation

- Retardations of λ/2 and λ/4

- OEM Pricing Available Upon Request

Cemented Zero Order Waveplates Specifications:



 Crystal Quartz, laser quality




 λ/4 and λ/2

 Retardance Tolerance

 < λ/300

 Dimension Tolerance


 Clear Aperture

 > 90% central

 Wavefront Distortion

 λ/8 @632.8nm


 < 1 arc second

 Surface Quality

 20-10 scratch-dig

 AR Coating

 R < 0.25%

 Damage Threshold

 > 500mJ/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz @1064nm

Ordering Information:

      Description:  Cemented Zero Order WavePlate

Part Number:  WPZC–Retardance–Wavelength–Dimension–Coating–Mount

     Retardance:  λ/2 or λ/4

     Wavelength:  266nm,355nm,405nm,532nm,546nm,632.8nm,670nm,780nm,808nm,850nm,


      Dimension:   Φ10.0mm, Φ12.7mm, Φ15.0mm, Φ20.0mm, Φ25.4mm, Φ30.0mm or Others

      Coating:     AR coating or Uncoated

      Mount:      Φ25.4mm, Φ30.0mm or Unmounted