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KTA Crystal

KTA crystalKTA(Potassium Titanyle Arsenate, KTiOAsO4) is an excellent nonlinear optical crystal for Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO) application. It has better non-linear optical and electro-optical coefficients, significantly reduced absorption in the 2.0-5.0 µm region, broad angular and temperature bandwidth, low dielectric constants. And its low ionic conductivities result in higher damage threshold compared with KTP .

Bluebean Optical offers KTA:

- Crystal length from 0.1mm to 30mm and aperture up to 15x15mm

- AR-coating for VIS-IR and mid IR ranges

- Re-polishing and re-coating service

- Standard and customized mounts and housings

KTA Standard Product Specifications:



 λ/8@633 nm


 20 arc sec

 Surface quality

 10/5 Scratch/Dig (MIL-PRF-13830B)


 15 arc min

 Angle tolerance

 < ± 0.2°

 Aperture tolerance

 ±0.1 mm

 Clear aperture

 >90% central area

 Transmitting wavefront distortion

 λ/8@633 nm

KTA Physical Properties:


 Crystal structure


 Point group


 Space group


 Lattice constants, Å

 a = 13,125, b = 6,5716, c = 10,786

 Density, g/cm3


 Melting point, °C


 Mohs hardness


 Thermal conductivity, W/m*K

 k1=1.8, k2=1.9, k3=2.1

KTA Nolinear & Optical Properties:



 350–5300 nm

 Absorption Coefficients

 <0.05 %/cm @ 1064 nm

 <0.05 %/cm @ 1533nm

 <5%/cm @ 3475nm

 Wavelength dispersion of

 refractive indices
 (Sellmeier Equation,λ in um)

 nx2=1.90713+1.23522*λ2/ (λ2-0.196922)-0.01025*λ2

 ny2=2.15912+1.00099*λ2/ (λ2-0.218442)-0.01096*λ2

 nz2=2.14768+1.29559*λ2/ (λ2-0.227192)-0.01436*λ2

 Electro optical constants

 r33=37.5 pm/V, r23=15.4 pm/V, r13=11.5 pm/V

 Effective nonlinearity

 x-y plane: deoe = doee = d15sin2φ + d24cos2φ

 x-z plane: doeo = deoo = d24sinθ

 d31=2.76 pm/V, d32=4.74 pm/V, d33=18.5 pm/V

 d24=3.2 pm/V, d15=2.3 pm/V

 SHG Phase Matchable Range