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Nd:Ce: YAG Crystal

Nd:Ce:YAG CrystalNd:Ce:YAG is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling and miniature laser systems. In double doped Nd:Ce:YAG crystal, Cerium is chosen as sensitizer for Nd3+ ions because of its strong absorption in UV spectral region at flash lamp pumping and efficient energy transfer to the Nd3+ excited state. As a result, thermal distortion in Nd: Ce:YAG is appreciably less and the output laser energy is greater than that in Nd:YAG at the same pumping. Therefore it is possible to realize high power lasers with good beam quality. Lasing wavelength at 1064 nm, laser damage threshold and thermal conductivity of the Nd:Ce:YAG crystals are the same as for Nd:YAG.


Nd:Ce:YAG Crystal Features:

- High efficiency

- Low threshold

- Good anti-violet radiation property

- Good thermal stability

- High optical quality


Nd:Ce:YAG Crystal Physical Properties:


 Crystal Structure


 Lattice Parameters

 12.01 Å

 Melting Point

 1970 °C

 Moh Hardness




 Specific Heat (0-20)

 0.59J/g.cm 3

 Modulus of Elasticity


 Young's Modulus

 3.17 x 104 Kg/mm2

 Poisson Ratio


 Tensile Strength


 Thermal Expansion Coefficient

 [100]Direction:8.2x10-6 / °C (0~250 °C )

 [110]Direction:7.7x10-6 / °C (0~250 °C )

 [111]Direction:7.8x10-6 / °C (0~250 °C )

 Thermal Conductivity

 14W/m/K(@20 °C )

 10.5W/m/K(@100 °C )

 Thermal Optical Coefficient (dn/dT)

 7.3×10-6 / °C

 Thermal Shock Resistance



Nd:Ce:YAG Crystal Optical Properties:


 Laser Transition

 4F3/2 -> 4I11/2

 Laser Wavelength


 Photon Energy


 Emission Linewidth

 4.5Å @1064nm

 Emission Cross Section(Nd1at%)

 2.7~8.8 ×10-19 cm2

 Fluorescence Lifetime(Nd1at%)


 Index of Refraction

 1.8197 @1064nm

 Sellemeier equation (λ in um)



Nd:Ce:YAG Standard Product Specifications:


 Dopant concentration

 Nd:1.1 ~ 1.4at%, Ce:0.05 ~ 0.1at%


 <111> or <100> crystalline within 5°

 Wavefront distortion

 λ /8 @ 633 nm

 Extinction Ratio


 Rod Sizes

 Diameter:36mm, Length:4080 mm

 Dimension Tolerances

 Diameter: ±0.025 mm, Length: ±0.5 mm

 Surface quality

 10/5 Scratch / Dig per MIL-O-1380A


 < 10 arc seconds


 < 5 arc minutes


 < λ /10 @ 633 nm


 <0.1 mm @ 45deg.

 Barrel Finish

 Ground Finish: 400# Grit

 AR Coating Reflectivity

 < 0.25%