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Air spaced Achromatic Waveplate

Air-spaced Achromatic WaveplateAir-spaced Achromatic Waveplates are constructed of Quartz waveplate and MgF2 waveplate, air-spaced to allow for use with high power applications. The use of crystalline Quartz with MaF2 minimizes the wavelength dependence of the retardation such that a nearly flat spectral response is achieved over the entire operating range of the achromatic wave plate. The flat response of an Achromatic Waveplate is ideal for use with tunable lasers, multiple laser-line systems, and other broad spectrum sources.


- Higher Damage Threshold

- Four broad spectral ranges

- Spectrally Flat Retardance

- Retardations of λ/2 and λ/4

Air-spaced Achromatic Waveplates Specifications:



 Crystal Quartz & MgF2




 λ/4 and λ/2

 Wavelength ranges

 450-680nm, 700-1000nm,
 950-1300nm, 1200-1650nm

 Retardance Tolerance

 < λ/100 over wavelangth range

 Housing Tolerance


 Wavefront Distortion



 < 1 arc minute

 Surface Quality

 40-20 scratch-dig

 AR Coating

 Broadband, R<1% per surface

 Damage Threshold

 > 2 J/cm2 with 8 nsec pulses at 1064 nm,
 500 W/cm2 CW

Ordering Information:

        Description:   Air-spaced Achromatic WavePlate 

        Part Number:  WPAA–Retardance–Wavelength–Aperture–Coating–Mount

      Retardance:  λ/2 or λ/4

      Wavelength: 450-680nm, 700-1000nm, 950-1300nm, 1200-1650nm

        Aperture  Φ9.0mm, Φ11.5mm, Φ13.5mm, Φ18.0mm, Φ22.5mm or Others

      Coating:    AR coating or Uncoated

        Mount:     ф25.4mm or ф30.0mm