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Undoped YAG

Undoped YAGUndoped YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) is a new substrate and optical material that can be used for both UV and IR optics. It is particularly useful for high-temperature and high-energy applications. The mechanical and chemical stability of YAG is similar to that of Sapphire, but YAG is not birefringent. This particular feature is extremely important for some optical applications.

Undoped YAG Features:

- Transmission range 250nm- 5000nm, No absorption in the 2 μm - 3 μm region.

- High thermal conductivity, 10 times better than most glasses

- Extremely hard and durable allowing for thin highly polished substrates to be fabricated

- No birefringence like Sapphire

- High index of refraction, facilitating low aberration lens design

Undoped YAG Material Properties:



  Crystal Structure


  Moh Hardness


  Melting Point



 4.56 g/cm3

  Specific Heat

 0.59 J/g.K

  Thermal Conductivity

 14 W/m/K@20°C

  Thermal Expansion

 7.8 x 10-6/°C(0~250°C)

  Thermal Shock Resistance

 790 W/m

  Thermal Optical Coeff. (dn/dt)

 7.3 x 10-6/°C

  Transmission Range


  Index of Refraction