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Beamsplitter Plates

Beamsplitter PlateBeamsplitter plates are primarily used to split or re-combine a beam of light, especially in high power lasers. When using beamsplitter plates the two partial beams travel different optical paths. The optical paths depend on the incident angle and the thickness of the plates. The beam can be shifted.


- Virtually zero absorption for true 50/50 beamsplitters

- Designed for 45° angle of incidence with random polarization

- AR coated back surface eliminates ghostingBeamsplitter Plate

Beamsplitter Plate Specifications:


 N-BK7 grade A


 50/50±5% for random polarization

 T=(Ts+Tp)/2, R=(Rs+Rp)/2

 Clear Aperture

 Central diameter, >90% of dimension

 Surface Flatness

 < λ/4@632.8nm

 Surface Quality

 60-40 scratch-dig

 Dimensions Tolerance

 ±0.2 mm

 Thickness Tolerance

 ±0.2 mm

 Coating on Surface 1

 Beamsplitter Coating at 45° AOI

 Coating on Surface 2

 AR Coating at 45° AOI

 Standard Wavelength

 Narrow Band: 488nm, 532nm, 632.8nm, 650nm, 808nm, 850nm,  980nm, 1064nm, 1310nm, 1550nm

 Broadband450-650nm, 650-900nm, 900-1200nm,

 1200-1550nm, 1550-1610nm

 Standard Dimension

 10x10x2mm, 12.7x12.7x2mm, 25.4x25.4x2mm, ф25.4x2mm, 12.7x12.7x3mm, 25.4x25.4x3mm, ф25.4x3mm, 50.8x50.8x3mm

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