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Metalized Windows

Metalized WindowsBluebean Optical provides thin film metalized windows that allow our customers to hermetically seal the windows into optical, laser, and infrared assemblies. Our unique thin film metalization and patterning processes apply solderable metal coatings that provide hermetic integrity against a variety of the tough applications like space, infrared signal transmission, and medical endoscopic tools. 


Our products including Germanium, Silicon, ZnSe, Sapphire, Glass, Quartz windows and lenses are used in the Metalized Windowsfollowing applications:

• Packing of Infrared Focal Plane Arrays for Space applications

• Optical windows for visible and near-infrared optical communication, optoelectronics, sensors

• Hermetic packing window for the Endoscope

• TO caps for optical communication

Our Capability Features:

• High precision Infrared Anti-reflective coatings and Filter coatings

• Extensive knowledge of solder sealing systems and assembly

• A variety of solder alloys for optoelectronic applications

• Quick turnaround and low running costs